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About - Staff Member - Guido Lobrano


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Guido Lobrano

Vice President, Europe

Areas of Expertise:
Europe, Artificial Intelligence, Antitrust/Competition, Data

Guido Lobrano is ITI’s vice president, Europe, leading ITI’s work surrounding the European Union’s activities impacting technology and innovation across the board. Guido is based in Brussels, Belgium, where he opened ITI’s first office in Europe.

Before joining ITI in October 2017, Guido was deputy director for legal affairs, internal market and digital economy at BusinessEurope, the european confederation of industry. He was directly responsible for digital and tech policy, as well antitrust and state aid legislation. He also coordinated the work of the organisation’s team responsible for improving the functioning of Europe’s single market and tackling barriers to cross-border trade.

With respect to digital policy, he led BusinessEurope’s work around the conclusion of Europe’s i2010 Strategy and the Digital Agenda for Europe (2012), as well as the 2015 Digital Single Market (DSM) and Digitising European Industry strategies. He was in charge of privacy issues, e-commerce rules, the work on data, sharing economy and platforms, among others. In his ten years at BusinessEurope, Guido covered several key legal and policy debates from a cross-sectoral industry perspective. He was, for example, involved in the 2008-2009 EU Telecoms Framework Review, the debate on collective redress, the potential introduction of an EU-level class action scheme in Europe, the legislative process leading to the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the invalidation of the EU-US Safe Harbor Framework and the introduction of Privacy Shield.

Prior to joining BusinessEurope, Guido worked in law firms in the United States, France, Italy and Belgium, specializing in international and European law. He is a frequent speaker on a variety of topics, particularly technology and competition policy issues. He received his law degree in Italy at the University of Sassari.

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