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Environment & Sustainability

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The tech sector is playing a critical role in promoting global sustainability efforts by continuously improving the environmental, energy, and performance characteristics of our products. Sustainability is meeting the resource and services needs of current and future generations without compromising the health of the ecosystems that provide them.[1]

ITI members are leading tech sector efforts to ensure that people around the world will continue to have access to resources and materials for generations to come. Our companies are consistently innovating throughout the entire product lifecycle, from materials sourcing to environmental design, to energy efficiency and proper end-of-life management.

ITI works on behalf of our members to advocate for green tech policies in eco-friendly materials selection (what goes into the product), purchasing green products (how to identify greener products), supply chain management (ensuring our products are responsibly sourced), and responsible product reuse and recycling (responsible end-of-life management).

For further information on our product sustainability efforts, please see the links below. For further information on how the tech sector’s products are enabling future sustainability across the global economy, please see our links on Climate Change and Intelligent Efficiency.



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