December 15, 2020

WASHINGTON – Global tech trade association ITI recently submitted comments to the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) regarding its proposal to consider changes to its medium- and long-term U.S. content policy as it seeks to develop its “Program on China and Transformational Exports.” In the comment submission, ITI encourages EXIM to update its content policy to reflect the realities of the global technology supply chain and to consider a more flexible content policy to remain competitive with other financing options offered by foreign Export Credit Agencies (ECAs).

“It is clear that the global technology environment is more competitive than ever, and it is equally clear that, in many instances, American businesses face challenges as a result of China’s unfair trade practices and policies — including subsidization of domestic firms — which have favored domestic Chinese companies, especially in the technology sector,” said Rob Strayer, Executive Vice President of Policy at ITI. “While countering China’s unfair practices will require a multifaceted approach, we believe that amending EXIM’s U.S. content rules will be a positive step and will address some of the nuances of the global technology supply chain, and support its proposal to modify its content rules in the technology areas listed. We think this will help EXIM to support more transactions, bolstering the competitiveness of the United States and solidifying technological leadership.”

ITI has also engaged in several other public consultation processes on related U.S. government actions, previously recommending that EXIM update its content rules in its submission to the National Strategy to Secure 5G Implementation Plan. ITI appreciates the opportunity to share feedback in response to these actions and we look forward to working in concert with EXIM and other policymakers to improve U.S. economic competitiveness globally.

Public Policy Tags: Broadband, Communications, & Spectrum, National Security