October 12, 2021

WASHINGTON – As the United States marks National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, global tech trade association ITI outlined a cybersecurity and supply chain outlook with key issues to watch in various markets across the world. In a new memo, ITI’s experts share an update on where key cybersecurity and supply chain measures stand and what to look out for in 2022 in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

“Protecting digital infrastructure and systems through enhanced cyber and supply chain security is a priority for both private sectors and governments worldwide and has increasingly become an integral part of national security discussions," the memo states. “As countries consider varying proposals, it is important that they work to increase security while promoting innovation, maintaining the benefits cyberspace provides, and reflecting the interconnected and interoperable global nature of today’s digital environment. Further, it will be critical for cyber and supply chain security policies to be adaptable to respond to rapidly evolving threats and technologies; be grounded in effective risk management principles, and leverage public-private partnerships. Looking ahead to 2022, we will continue to see policymaking activities on cyber and supply chain security and resiliency, including Internet of Things (IoT) certification and labeling, security incident reporting, the security of telecommunications networks including 5G, and zero trust remain prominent.”

Read the memo here.

Public Policy Tags: Cybersecurity, Supply Chain