June 08, 2021

WASHINGTON – Today, global tech trade association ITI welcomed the Biden Administration’s 100 Day Supply Chain Review:

“Daily news reports remind us that the resiliency of global supply chains implicates cybersecurity, national security, and economic security,” said John Miller, ITI’s Senior Vice President of Policy and General Counsel. “We welcome the Biden Administration’s commitment to building trusted, secure, and resilient supply chains, and we support its plan to realize that goal. Importantly, the administration outlined a clear vision to strengthen U.S. semiconductor leadership, including efforts to address research and development, increase manufacturing, and build a skilled workforce. This forward-looking approach will enhance economic competitiveness and bolster national security. Working with industry, the administration’s steps can make the U.S. – and ultimately global – supply chains stronger, advance U.S. competitiveness, and harness U.S. innovation. We look forward to working together on this important effort.”

The Review calls for $50 billion to fund the CHIPS for America Act and outlines additional steps to increase the domestic semiconductor manufacturing capacity and strengthen the U.S. technology workforce through STEM and training for semiconductors. It also encourages enhanced cooperation with global partners and allies to ensure stability of the global semiconductor supply chain. Earlier today, ITI issued recommendations for advanced U.S.-EU cooperation on supply chain resiliency.

In April, ITI responded to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s review for the Risks in the Semiconductor Manufacturing and Advanced Packaging Supply Chain and provided policy recommendations to enhance domestic semiconductor ecosystem. In March, ITI published a set of principles to guide the U.S. government as it undertakes a strategic review of supply chains. ITI’s Supply Chain Security: Principles for Strategic Review supports the holistic assessment of the ICT supply chain called for by the Biden Administration’s Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains and offers best practices to inform and develop a more coherent, streamlined and strategic approach to supply chain security policy. ITI also outlined an agenda to drive U.S. global competitiveness, which included recommendations on ensuring supply chain resiliency, in January.

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