December 13, 2017

WASHINGTON – The IT Alliance for the Public Sector (ITAPS), a division of ITI, released the following statement from senior vice president for the public sector Trey Hodgkins commending the White House for releasing its first report on federal government IT modernization:

"We have long advocated for the modernization of federal government IT and we applaud the Trump Administration’s continued focus on this effort. The completion of this report is a step in the right direction to begin an overhaul of the archaic IT that costs tax payers $60 million a year to maintain. Modernization is essential to achieving a range of technology objectives, including bolstering America’s cybersecurity efforts, sustaining technological superiority for national and homeland security, and adopting innovative technologies to deliver better services to the public. We believe that this focus will keep us on a path to achieving these goals."

Earlier this year, ITAPS released sweeping recommendations to the White House on steps the U.S. government can take to modernize its aging and vulnerable federal information technology (IT) systems. Developed by a group of industry experts convened by tech trade group ITI’s public sector division ITAPS, the proposals are aimed at strengthening U.S. cybersecurity and national security, attracting talented IT workers needed at federal agencies, enhancing government services, and improving federal efficiency. They were developed after a meeting between tech CEOs and White House officials in June.

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