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Announcing Download On Tech: A New Tech Policy Podcast From ITI

Listen to the first episode of Download On Tech on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or Spotify.

As the global trade association for the tech industry, ITI is fortunate to be surrounded by the smart and incredible people who are shaping innovation and tech policy within our dynamic member companies, on Capitol Hill, in government, and around the world. They have incredible stories and an insider’s view about the important policy discussions happening around the tech industry that are often lost in the constant churn of news stories and public commentary.

That’s why we’re very proud to launch Download On Tech, ITI’s new podcast. On each episode, we’ll interview some of the most important voices behind the scenes of tech policy in order to understand where we have come from and where we are going – whether it is an industry leader, policymaker, or other stakeholder who has a unique and interesting perspective on what’s going on in tech. It’s a crucial conversation at a time when industry innovation is coming under more scrutiny.

Too often, there is a lack of a clear understanding of the economic benefits our industry provides or how and why decisions within companies are made. Technology companies that started in someone’s garage and became household names are quintessential examples of the American dream, innovation, and hard work. Their technology is making our lives easier and more efficient; it connects people, places, and things with the touch of a button. From hardware to software, Download On Tech will not only provide listeners with a preview of what new technologies are coming, it will also discuss the regulatory environment that stands to either accelerate or stifle the newest innovations.

As the voice of the tech sector, our new podcast will put forward a more complete portrayal of the industry and introduce new perspectives. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss how the tech sector continues to innovate and move the world forward.

Starting today, Download On Tech is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify so that anyone can listen in. Our inaugural guest is Jace Johnson, Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy at Adobe. The conversation ranges from the importance of digital accessibility and government modernization, to how a couple of engineers’ side project turned into a major Adobe product.

Know someone with an interesting and engaging perspective or have a topic you’d like to us to explore? We’d love to chat.

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