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Bring New Competition and Choice To The Set Top Box Market

Consumer technology has changed immensely over the past twenty years because of competition. But the video set-top box market is an area where this has not been the case. With few exceptions, navigating video on a box provided by your pay-TV provider reflects the same experience a consumer would have experienced in the mid-90s. That is why ITI filed comments today in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proceeding supporting efforts to bring competition to this market. We believe this will drive innovation in this space, drive consumption of video, and drive demand for more robust, high-speed broadband service.

Unlike TV set-top boxes, competition has been a catalyst for innovation. For instance, smart phones have become a super computer in your pocket, replacing a plethora of devices and performing countless functions. Similarly, televisions have evolved from heavy, large boxes, with low-quality video, to sleek, slim devices that deliver ultra high definition video quality because suppliers competed with each other to bring the best product to the market. And the list goes on and on for the evolution of consumer electronics in recent decades.

ITI companies have been at the forefront of driving innovation across the technology landscape, including those listed above, and we see significant opportunity to bring choice, increased functionality, and new features to the video delivery, navigation, and set top box market.

While we know this FCC proceeding is just a first step toward reaching those goals, we applaud the Commission for moving forward, and look forward to working with them to create an environment that allows consumers to lawfully access content easily and seamlessly, regardless of how it is delivered.

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