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DESSC Gets a New Look

43 years ago, the United States created Earth Day -- and 20 million Americans worked to reshape our environment from one where air pollution was a price of doing business to one where clean air and clean water were considered valuable legacies to be protected and enhanced.  Today, it is a moment to look at the modern challenges we all face -- and the cutting-edge solutions that will drive our ability as a society to be sustainable for the longer term.

For us at the Digital Energy and Sustainability Solutions Campaign (DESSC), Earth Day is an opportunity to take a fresh look at our own priorities and how we present our digital solutions to the broader community. 

During the past few months, we have been dusting up  We have gone through every page, updating our look as well as our content.  We have shaped smarter policy pages to better provide examples of how we hope to see governments encourage the spread of technology-enabled energy and sustainability initiatives.  We’ve added a media section to better highlight our activities and provide users like you with opportunities to explore videos and learn more about the environmental benefits of utilizing new technologies.  And we’re continuously updating our Knowledge Center with white papers and case studies that exemplify the principles on which DESSC is built.

We hope this new site will serve as a resource for information on technology as it relates to energy efficiency and sustainability.  Please take a minute to explore and discover some of the reports and videos we have collected.  And feel free to share if you have any other materials to send our way.  Contact me or Meghan Fletcher

When Earth Day marked its 25th anniversary, founder and U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson spoke of the challenges ahead.  “Reaching a general understanding that sustainability is the ultimate issue will finally bring us face-to-face with the political challenge of forging a sustainable society during the next few decades.  It is a challenge we can meet if we have the leadership and the political will to do so.”  We hope that the DESSC site -- and the ideas and initiatives that it showcases -- will help to meet that goal of forging a lasting, healthy, sustainable Earth.


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