Enabling Connectivity Enables Competitiveness in Colombia

Innovators are focused on Colombia right now, and it’s not just because of the “Orange Economy” principles of innovation and creativity permeating throughout the Duque government. Recent actions give confidence that this new administration understands the environment needed for technology and entrepreneurship to flourish in Colombia.

One example is the draft ICT modernization bill that the Duque government presented to the Colombian Congress last month. If enacted, this bill would help Colombia attract new investment, connect more citizens and businesses to the internet, and enable economic growth. This bill proposes key reforms to the government of Colombia that would reduce regulatory burdens and incentivize broadband deployment.

Key components of the bill include:

  • Creating a single telecommunications regulatory authority to reduce duplication and provide a single vision for the sector;
  • Promoting a flexible regulatory environment that appreciates the dynamic nature of the tech industry and avoids extending ill-fitting regulations on new and innovative services;
  • Enabling spectrum licenses to be issued for up to 30 years so companies are incentivized to make investments in connecting remote areas of Colombia; and
  • Identifying options for connecting previously unconnected populations that leverage new technologies and solutions.

ITI supports this bill as a way to enable Colombia's economy to realize the transformative growth that connectivity can bring and an opportunity to benefit traditional industries, enable small business growth, and improve the overall competitiveness of the country.

Public Policy Tags: Trade & Investment