Global Privacy Expertise Grows at ITI

The issues of privacy and data innovation cut across economic sectors, trade relationships, and consumer opportunities.  They are at the forefront of the tech sector’s work, and the news that ITI has hired Yael Weinman to lead its policy work in this arena is welcome, indeed.

Yael’s previous experience, most recently at the FTC, combines experience in privacy, international relations and new technologies.  This essential combination of experience allows Yael to hit the ground running while already being acquainted with the business models of many ITI members as well as their business needs.  In the privacy community, Yael is both well respected for her privacy “chops” and also for her practical approach to finding consensus and problem solving.  While Yael’s experience is both very relevant and impressive, every job comes with some learning curve and acclimation. 

Apart from welcoming Yael, I encourage ITI members to reach out to her as we collectively enhance the organization’s privacy priorities across sectors, technologies, and geographies.

The author is the Vice President for Global Public Policy and Chief Privacy Officer for the Oracle Corporation.

Public Policy Tags: Trade & Investment, Cybersecurity, Data & Privacy