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ITAPS Supports Confirmation of Amy Tong as California CIO

Today, on behalf of the IT Alliance for Public Sector (ITAPS), a division of tech trade group ITI, I will testify before the California Senate Rules Committee hearing in favor of the confirmation of Amy Tong as the California State Chief Information Officer and Director of the California Department of Technology (CDT). Under Tong’s leadership, CDT has undergone improvements to provide increased transparency into the department as well as efforts to modernize the state’s information technology (IT) procurement process.

As I will say in my testimony before legislators, ITAPS believes that Tong’s leadership, which spans 20 years of public service where she worked on improving the state’s IT, will provide a great foundation for moving the department in a positive and innovative direction. Additionally, she has been influential in technology-related decisions and making changes across internal and external stakeholders statewide, through her work in both state departments and commissions.

Tong has proven to be extremely effective and has established a record of achievement. Most notably, she has empowered the department and provided a forum to bring increased transparency to CDT through the collaboration of other agencies, departments, and the private sector. She has convened a Vendor Advisory Council, which brings together CDT, the Department of General Services, and industry to establish a roadmap for modernizing IT procurement in California. ITAPS’ values this effort, and we look forward to continuing to partner with CDT in the future.

Tong is the right choice to take California to the next level of innovation adoption, streamlining, and efficiency. We strongly urge the California Senate Rules Committee to confirm Governor Brown’s appointment of Amy Tong as the as the State Chief Information Officer and Director of the CDT.

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