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ITI Submits Comments to NHTSA on Automotive Electronic Control Systems Safety and Security

The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) submitted comments yesterday to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)’s Request for Comment on Automotive Electronic Control Systems Safety and Security.  As the use of electronics—including networked systems—in motor vehicles continues to grow, industry and government stakeholders are contemplating related policy issues, including how they affect consumers, such as cybersecurity and electromagnetic compatibility. 

In our comments, ITI urges the NHTSA to leverage and contribute to existing industry, including the information communications technology (ICT) industry, and government expertise and work in these areas so that the agency can thoughtfully consider the potential implications of motor vehicle policies. ITI also urges NHTSA to work with all stakeholders to develop and implement effective policies.  In particular, NHTSA should avoid setting requirements based on specific cybersecurity standards because while standards are essential to cybersecurity, there is no single standard or set of practices that is applicable across the board.  By avoiding prescriptive mandates, NHTSA will promote innovation in new security solutions, preclude any overlaps and conflicts with existing ICT industry security standards, and prevent restrictions on the global marketplace.  

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