Liderazgo y Innovación: ITI Travels to Chile and Argentina to Talk Technology

This week, ITI’s attention turns to Chile and Argentina, where we are leading a delegation of member companies for a week of engagement with these two important markets. The growth of technology and innovation, especially in Latin America, is exemplified in these two countries, which have taken different but promising paths to promote the information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

Chile and Argentina have a number of assets that make them attractive for ICT firms and should promote growth in ICT, services, and other innovation industries. High education levels (both have 97+ percent literacy rates), strong human capital (among the top three in Latin America, according to the World Economic Forum), high connectivity rates (with over 60 percent of their population online), and diversified economies have made investment in, and attraction of, ICT firms a realistic objective for both governments. Moreover, both countries have tech startups and entrepreneurs that have achieved relatively rapid regional and global success.

ITI’s trip will seek to support this progress and show how technology and the ICT industry can play a stronger role in growing their respective economies and providing solutions to the complex social, economic, and environmental challenges in both countries.

During our trip, we will have the opportunity to meet with executive and legislative branch leaders, trade associations, local startups and technology firms, and other stakeholders, all of whom are championing the ideas that drive innovation and ICT industry growth. We will discuss important aspects of data protection and privacy, cybersecurity, standards, and trade facilitation, identifying tangible solutions and opportunities for each government to leverage in their promotion of innovation and technology.

Chile and Argentina share the opportunity to be leaders in the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur, respectively, on issues related to digital trade and the innovation economy. This trip is a chance to reinforce those themes and offer global best practices for both countries to pursue. ITI and our member companies are excited about the prospects these markets provide, not only for growth in the global ICT sector, but also in their regional and global leadership potential to support the actions that help all countries, businesses, and citizens benefit from the solutions and opportunities that the tech industry offers.

Public Policy Tags: Trade & Investment, Cybersecurity, Forced Localization