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Power Up: The Facts on the Tech Sector’s Energy and Sustainability Work

The New York Times this week shined a light on the tech sector’s energy efficiency work – and there has been plenty of reaction to the major inaccuracies in the paper’s articles.  ITI took time recently to talk innovation with Kathrin Winkler, the chief sustainability officer for EMC, about the broader issues facing the sector’s energy and environmental work.  Given the Times’ articles and misinformation, there couldn’t be a better moment to hear from an expert.

As I point out in the discussion, the tech sector is probably the only sector that allows every other pillar of the economy to become more efficient – more energy efficient, more efficient in terms of production.  The innovations we are shaping teach others how to run a smart grid, how to build smart buildings, how to develop smart transportation systems.  It’s the IT industry and the related stakeholders that allow a lot of those advancements to occur.  Kathrin puts it succinctly in our conversation:

“There really are incredible opportunities for information technology in sustainability.  It’s at the core of just about every sector’s opportunities to innovate, to become more efficient, and to look at radical new ways of doing things.”

 Check out our conversation and let us know what you think.

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